Sunday, January 22, 2012

Timkut, family affairs, germs and pastoralists: photos

Fisherman on reed boat
El lecturing
Mescano, Adam and Emilia celebrating after El's talk at new Brewery
El and Marty celebrating
Poster against female genital mutilation
El's office building at Hawassa University

Boys swimming in Lake Hawassa
The Day's Catch
Maribou storks

Egyptian goose
Miriam and Meron
Marty, Genet, Miriam, El,  Ermiyas, Meron and Iba
Friend and translator John and Ermiyas
Ermiyas, Marty, Miriam, Genet, El, Meron and Iba

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  1. Wow is that Elly skinny! And boy is that Maribou Stork ugly! It was a great visit with Genet and family, looking forward to Kenya.